Revelry Event Designers


Revelry Event Designers (RED) is an exceptional visionary team that creates the look and feel of events ranging from the Academy Award Governor’s Ball and Grammys to the Disney Hall and Staples Center Gala Openings. Their team has been working with the event industry’s most respected planners and producers for two decades; providing them complete decor packages for weddings, mitzvahs, film premieres, awards shows and private soirees.​


RED was having the all so common "disconnection" issue

  • They were using a one-fits-all inventory/invoicing solution. As it is the case with generic solutions, they were having all sorts of issues making it work for their specific needs.
  • Their website was built in WordPress (WP), completely disconnected from the inventory software. Moreover, the WP was extremely hard to maintain since it had hundreds of pages, on for each product.
  • What was on the website rarely matched what was on the inventory.
  • Employee’s schedules were handled using Excel worksheets
  • They were not using any CRM (Customer Relations Management) system
  • Payments were processed manually
  • Contracts were paper-based
  • Tracking the fleet required using a separate system
  • There were no inventory checks to make sure all products used for an event came back
  • Purchase orders were 100% paper-based
Inventory management screen
Invoicing screen Email integration screen Fleet tracking screen


We created one single custom-made solution that took care of all parts of Revelry’s operations, keeping all connected and easy to use and maintain.

Role-based Users

Different users can be assigned different types of access within the system.


The system keeps track of all aspects of the inventory, making sure items are not overbooked, keeping track of repair orders, while keeping everything synched with the website.


A brand new website was of course created, completely connected with the inventory. You can easily choose what products you want available online.

Quote Requests

In a shopping-cart fashion, quote requests can be submitted directly from the website. They show up on the dashboard, and with a “click,” the quote is generated.


The invoicing system is made especially for the types of events Revelry handles. It is connected with the inventory, but it also handles services, commissions, event sections, important dates, etc.


Invoices are sent electronically and they can be paid online directly. Payments post automatically on the system.

Digital Contracts

Event contracts can be sent electronically, and also signed electronically by the customer.

Employee Scheduling

A custom system was created to schedule employees, assign them to specific events, specific tasks within the events. The system notifies employees weekly schedules and changes via SMS messages.

We’ve recently added an app for employees to clock-in on location. The app makes sure the employee is at the right location before it allows the clock-in.

Email Integration

The system is integrated with each user’s email account, allowing emails to be sent directly from the system, while kept synched with all their devices.

Internal Messaging

Users can message each other within the system in an SMS fashion.

Purchase Orders

POs are created directly in the system, approved, and generated by department, store, etc.

Fleet Management

Through an integration with GeoTab, the fleet is visible at all times in the dashboard

Product Tracking

Products are scanned when loaded in trucks and when they come back from events. The system keeps track of missing items. If a product is damaged, a repair order can be created, which keeps the product unavailable until it is fixed.

Reporting and Alerts

Custom reports and alerts were created throughout the system.
Financial reports, products usage, etc.